Writing Publications

Chapbooksgallery withheld

Gallery Withheld —— Glass Poetry Press (July 2017)

That Which Sunlight Chases —– Origami Poems Project (microchapbook, November 2020)

Poems and Haibun

“Two Fridas,” “Suze Randall Speaks,” and “Yardbird Speaks of Collaboration” —– South Dakota Review (forthcoming)

“Elegy for Later” —– Whale Road Review (forthcoming)

“Postpartum is a Staring Contest” —— Quarterly West

“Vivarium” and “Composed in Afghanistan” —– Riddled with Arrows


“For a Minute” —— Terrain.org

“Jinx It” —— Feral: A Journal of Poetry and Art

“The Day the Satellites Grew Sentient,” and “Choose Your Own Disaster” —— Superstition Review

“Stay at Home Mom as a Golden Shovel” —— Drunk Monkeys


“The Creepy Clown Epidemic” —— Cimarron Review

“Uncanny Means Unknowable But You Kinda Know, Especially When Dating a Wannabe Entomologist” (Audio only) —– Golden Walkman Magazine

“Agnostic,” “Corona,” and “When I Was a Teen My Mother Never Said But.” —– Madness Muse Press.

”Tabula Rasa” and “Stranger on a Nude Beach” ——- Ninth Letter


“Meeting the Man in the Moon” and “Taking Flight——- The Museum of Americana

“The Potable Woman” and “Questioning”” ——- Gone Lawn

”Lost in Dazzle” ——- Women Speak: Portraits, Poetry and Prose of the Feminine Experience (Anthology)


“I Love You So Much It Hurts” ——— The Comstock Review

“Flipbook of Sky in Love” ——— SWWIM Every Day

”Only Human” ——- Crab Fat Magazine

“Born Again” ——- Midway Journal


“Coming of Age in Idaho” —— Crack the Spine

“I am Not Scared” —– District Lit

“Vanishing” —– Pif Magazine

“The Object of His Desire” —–The Bombay Gin

“Almost Getting Somewhere,” “All for a Metaphor” —– The Birds We Piled Loosely

“(T)Here” —– Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

“Collaboration” —– The Ekphrastic Review

“Old Made” —– Juked

“Hunting” —– Gravel

Pantoum in B Minor” (reprint) —– Tales From The Stranger’s Room, Vol 3, ed David Ruffle

“Rings Around Us” —– Harpur Palate

“Crawling,” “More,” “A Wash,” and “Self-Portrait: A Study in Definition” —– Five2One Magazine #thesideshow

“A Discussion in Form,” “What is Death,” and “Other As Explored Through Rorschach Metaphor and Simile” —– Sonic Boom

“Medium,” “Fallout,”(reprint) “No-Go Zone”(reprint) —– anthology Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands

“Like a Virgin”—– Rogue Agent


“New Blood”—– Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“Meta-Fact” and “Family Time” —– Paper Nautilus

“Mine Life Is Ours,” “A Mexican-American Ghost Story,” and “Sestina After Ansel Adams’ ‘McGown Peak Reflected on Stanley Lake.” —– Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry

“Ghost Grove,” “Afterimages,” “The Widower” —– Kestrel

“The Atheist Suite”  —– Crab Fat Magazine

“Pantoum in B Minor” —– NonBinary Review

“Odradek As a Wandering Eye,” “Terrorism” —– Halfway Down the Stairs

“Night Swimming”—– Foliate Oak

“Logical Determinism (Or ‘The Scottish Foreplay’)”—–Weirderary

“Fallout” —– Moon City Review

“Picture of Motherhood,” “The Namazu” —– The Lake


“Jishin My Own,” “Short-Term Affect,” “Long Term Affect,” “Talisman,” “Everywhere Chopsticks Touching” —– Sleet Magazine

“No Enemy” —– Zone 3

“Space Race” —– Juked

“Character of Place” —– Cirque Journal

“Witness,” “God Bless You” —— Apeiron Review

“At a Standoff” —– Haibun Today

“This is Earthquake Weather” —– Gulf Stream

“The Story of Man Vs Nature,” “No-Go Zone” —– pacificREVIEW

“Omphaloskepsis” —– Barely South Review

2014 and earlier

“Monotheism” —– A Hundred Gourds

“In a Blink” —– Contemporary Haibun Online

“Where The Heart Is” —– Frogpond

Interviews and Craft Essays

Micro review and Interview: Jennifer Met’s Gallery Withheld :the Friday Influence

Seeing With Jennifer Met : The Friday Influence (Expanded review of Gallery Withheld)

POPcraft: Developing the Persona (Part I) :Pretty Owl Poetry

POPcraft: Developing the Persona (Part II) :Pretty Owl Poetry

A Lesson in Political Poetry: Superstition Review

Sample Haiku

the waiting room empties
around me                                          Acorn

shucking corn—
the noise I make
when no one’s home                        The Heron’s Nest (Selected for the Red Moon Anthology)

the puppy’s tail stirring
cherry petals                                      VCBF 2012 Haiku Invitational  (Sakura Award winner)

driving home
the wipers wave
cherry petals                                        VCBF 2011 Haiku Invitational 
(Sakura Award winner)

Sweet Home Renga: A Zoom Collaboration


“Earth Girls are Easier” —– Spicy Library Stories 2017 (pdf archived the the library of congress, issue 7 also linked here)

Chapter 10 “The Witchery Way,” The Wolf and the Windlestraw (Indianola Review NaNoWriMo 2015 collaborative novel)

“The Birth of Dr. Broken Spine” —– Two-Fisted Librarians #4  (pdf archived through the library of congress, issue 4 also linked here)